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moveable appendages

#1 2001-09-06 18:47:39


moveable appendages

I'm pretty new to papier mache, but I have noticed that when people make moveable arms and legs, they always seem to use some kind of wire for the joint. I'm sure someone out there knows what I am talking about, there's always a little metal ring protruding from the outside of the arm or leg...how do you do this? I have tried with little success. Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks!!!



#2 2002-03-27 05:30:37


Re: moveable appendages


I'm new here too and this answer may be late...There are special hookie things you can buy at craft stores for doll and teddy bear making or....you can pierce holes in the top of each limb and on the body where the limbs are to attach...use a big needle...or dremel...Push shirring elastic through the limbs and torso holes together, then knot each end of the eastic...it must be tight but still allow the limbs to move...You can cover the knot with more paper mache' or dots of glue.  Retouch paint.

hope this helps...


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