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papier maché

#1 2002-07-04 15:08:04


papier maché

Hi Jackie,
I've been making PM for the past three years and I even opened an exhibition in my hometown Ankara, Turkey. I usually use the mold technique but I had some pieces done by layering. Anyhow even though I enjoy layering very much when finished the layers are seen and I've noticed that your plates or vases are smooth or at least photos look so. Do you do anything to smooth them so that pieces of paper stuck over one an other don't show?
I'll appreciate if you can reply because it is very new in Turkey and there are very few of us doing PM.


#2 2002-07-04 21:00:52


Re: papier maché

Hello Oznur,

All the pieces in my gallery are made with newspaper strips. I always paste both sides of the paper and I take great care to smooth down every piece. A lot of people tell me they are too impatient to do this and "slap in on",  but I have always taken a lot of time over it. It helps to overlap the pieces in different directions and to avoid using the cut edges of paper. The torn pieces blend in much better. You need to start off as you mean to go on - it's almost impossible to smooth out papier mache with strips alone if it has rucks in it.

I hope this helps. Your work and your exhibition sound really interesting. Please come and join us and send pictures to the gallery. We'd all love to see them.



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